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  • Bautiful-Skin-200×200

    My skin has been progressively clearing up

    Hi, Since having my baby my skin has broken out so badly, I felt extremely self conscious and down. I’ve seen a dermatologist only to be given a very long course of antibiotics which I refused to put in my body. I decided to see …

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  • Review-Jazz-200×200

    Our Story (Jazz M)

    Our story After a couple of years struggling with fertility and having every test under the sun I decided to explore natural fertility treatments. I got on Google and found a few naturopaths specialising in fertility and PCOS. I had been diagnosed with PCOS after …

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  • Whole-Grain-Bread-200×200

    The Basic Principles of a High Fiber Diet During Pregnancy

    It is well-known that a high-fibre diet is important for most people in order to promote regular bowel movements. When food remains in the colon for any extended length of time, it begins to putrefy which results in toxic waste that is taken up into the bloodstream.

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  • The-Best-Foods-to-Eat-During-Pregnancy

    The Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

    After successfully falling pregnant, your thoughts will turn to experiencing a healthy pregnancy and a successful birthing experience. You will also want to give your unborn child the best possible start in life, and one of the ways you can do this is to improve your diet so that your child gets all the necessary nutrition while still developing in the womb.

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  • D-Jar-01

    How to Create a Healthier Home

    It is very important to keep your home as clean as possible. Vacuuming the carpets regularly will help to keep dust mites at bay, carefully washing items like your blender to remove germs, replacing bathroom items like face cloths, sponges and loofahs on a regular …

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  • Candle

    These Things Are Not as Healthy as You Think They Are!

    Thanks to research and education, awareness is increasing amongst consumers regarding the hidden dangers in some ordinary household goods ranging from personal care items to food-packaging, plastic containers used for storage, certain items of furniture and even some children’s toys. Before the results of intensive …

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  • Lucas

    My labour was extremely quick

    Hi Dorota, Just thought I would let you know our beautiful son Lucas Anthony Giampietro was born on Tuesday afternoon at 5:33pm. My labour was extremely quick, after my waters broke around 4pm I got to the hospital just after 5pm, was fully dilated and starting pushing straight …

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