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Cell phone use can damage your child’s future fertility

Where does a fertility problem start?

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Infertility rates worldwide are on the rise and if current trends continue, the adults of tomorrow could be worse off than their parents are today. Studies have shown that the increased use of cell phones and wireless devices has had a dangerous and negative effect on male fertility potential.

The safety standards for cell phone emissions were set 17 years ago, and have never been updated. These days cell phones are very different, as are users of cell phones. Present users have evolved from mainly adults, to a prolific number of children who now use the device.

New scientific evidence has been presented to the effect that exposure to microwave radiation has indisputable health risks. This is especially true in the case of children, many of whom are allowed almost unlimited use of their phones.

Wireless devices, mainly cell phones, is the biggest and fastest growing industry the world has ever known. Very little has been publicised about the radiation dangers involved, with the result that many people are still somewhat unaware of the possible risks.

How is a fertility problem linked to my child’s use of a cell phone?

On-going research has shown a direct link between the duration, over time, of cell phone use and sperm count decline, as well as a weakening in the quality and motility of sperm. If your child is using a cell phone with unchecked access, the ugly spectre of a fertility problem could suddenly rear its head when he is of reproductive age and wants to start a family.

As yet there has been no research regarding the effects on female eggs. However there is a school of thought that because eggs are not replenished like sperm is, there could be an eventual more serious consequence for females, whose eggs are actually determined for life.

Is this kind of radiation only emitted by cell phones?

No, definitely not. Dangerous radiation from other sources include:

  • Wi-Fi routers in homes and in schools
  • Cell phone towers
  • Baby monitors
  • Cordless phones
  • Bluetooth and other earpieces
  • Tablets and I Pads
  • Any other wireless devices

Some precautions that you can take to avoid fertility problems

  • Do not allow very young children to play with cell phones. They are especially susceptible to radiation effects.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, make sure it is a low power version and keep it turned off as much as possible.
  • Support any campaign against Wi-Fi use in schools.
  • Do not allow children to sleep with cell phones in the bedroom.
  • Encourage your children not to carry their cell phones close to the body.

Questions you need to answer, based on research outcomes of the fertility problems and DNA damage presented by exposure to microwave radiation:

  • If your child is being exposed to this radiation while at school, are you satisfied with that?
  • You have a Wi-Fi router in your home to which your child has access to after school. Are you ok with it?
  • Some schools lease their buildings or rooftops for the erection of cell phone aerials and towers. Does your child’s school?

As a parent with young children or even with much older children, if you are concerned about their biological health and potential future fertility problems, you need to take action. Children quickly get addicted to using their cell phones, but with firm, positive action, it is possible to prevent this. It is certainly within your power to curb the use, even if means cutting down on airtime for which you pay. You will most likely become a most unpopular parent, but it will be worthwhile in the end as you can reduce the chance of fertility problems in the future.

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