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When you visit Solutions To Health we take the time to prepare a comprehensive health assessment
and case history for you.

Make an appointment by simply calling us (02) 9398 8052 or email dorota@solutionstohealth.com.au

Opening hours:

Monday 1 – 8 pm, Tuesday 1- 8 pm, Wednesday 12 – 6pm, Thursday 11am – 9 pm



13 Burton Street, Randwick NSW, Australia, 2031


(02) 9398 8052




Street Parking Available

Public transport:

Conveniently located on BUS route 372,373,374,376,377

Fee Schedule:

General consultation (Initial) duration 60 min $190
General consultation (follow up) duration 30-45 min $120
E-mail, follow up, results, duration 15 min $40
General consultation (follow up) duration 60 min $130

Couples Fee

Fertility consultation (Initial) duration 120 min $360
Fertility consultation ( follow up) duration 60 minutes $140

Missed appointments and late cancellation fees:

Missed appointments and late cancellations prevent Dorota from helping someone else in need. Please provide 24 hours notice (during business hours). Missed consultations or late cancellations without 24 hours notice will incur the full consultation fee.

Payment methods:

We accept Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa, Cheque and cash payments


Private health fund

Consultation fees are claimable through most private health funds. Medicines are claimable from some health funds. Please check with your individual provider for more details about your eligibility.

Net Medical Expenses Tax offset (Australian Residents only)

Naturopathic health consultations and supplements prescribed by a Health Practitioner can be included as part of the tax-offsets net medical expenses incurred each year. In order for you to be able to claim the costs incurred for our consultation and prescription, you will need to get a referral from a Doctor for a treatment before you attend our consultation.

For the 2011-12, health costs greater than $2,060 in a financial year (this may change each year) can qualify for a 20% tax rebate above the threshold. The rebate is only offset against your taxable amount. There is no upper limit to the amount you can claim. The net medical expenses include you, your spouse and your children etc.

For 2012-13 tax year, taxpayers with an adjustable taxable income above the Medicare Levy surcharge thresholds ($84,000 for singles and $168,000 for a couple or family in 2012-13) would be able to claim 10% of out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred in excess of $5,000. Other taxpayer’s threshold is $2,120 etc….

For more information visit the following:

ATO Link page www.ato.gov.au/content/00313907.htm or speak to your tax agent or our recommended tax agent Bill Karraz on 02 9386 9011 from Hexagon Tax Professionals website www.hexagontaxprofessionals.com.au

Disclaimer: This is general information only and we are not tax agents and our information should not be seen as a tax advice you should consult your tax agent.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

We have strict confidentiality and privacy policies that respect our patients. All patient files are stored in a locked, secure location and only your practitioner will access your information. Content of files will be stored for the obligatory 7 years and will then be destroyed.

I am a Sydney based Naturopath and I am passionate about women’s health and Natural Fertility Treatment.
I specialise in reproductive health, optimizing fertility, preconception care, miscarriage prevention and managing menopause. I offer solutions for hormonal imbalance, Polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. I use both conventional and complimentary health care models to diagnose and treat health issues. I provide very effective treatment, using evidence based natural medicine and guide and support my patients to achieve better health.

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