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I successfully got pregnant

I successfully got pregnant alt

I came to Dorota after 18 months of unsuccessfully attempting to conceive. My husband and I had been through all sorts of tests which indicated there was nothing wrong with either of us. Unfortunately, the next “logical” step was to proceed with IVF. Luckily, a number of factors meant that we delayed our start date for the IVF program.

Dorota was providing me with nutritional support so that I would have the best chance of conceiving through IVF. With the delayed start date, we added to that herbal therapy. Dorota closely monitored my progress and offered great emotional support also.

After 3 months of herbal remedy – and the first month of trying to conceive – success! To date, my pregnancy has been trouble free and I’ve had none of the nasty side affects that seem to plague pregnant women.

With the incidence of people troubled by inability to conceive seemingly on the rise, I sing Dorota’s praises any chance I get. (*)

KG, Haberfield NSW

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(*) Results can vary from person to person.

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