Treat menopause symptoms naturally.

We offer protocols of natural treatments to deal with female hormone imbalances that will
guide you through the transition to menopause.

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What is menopause?

Menopause happens because the ovaries no longer produce the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, putting an end to your menstrual cycle, effectively shutting down the reproductive system.

As you go through the menopausal stages, menstruation could return for a while and then disappear again. Take care during this time as you could inadvertently fall pregnant!

As you approach menopause, usually anywhere between 40 to 55 years of age, the female hormonal system goes on a roller coaster ride of many ups and downs. This effect of fluctuating hormone levels will lessen as menopause progresses, and eventually will settle down.

Menopause symptoms

Menopausal symptoms affect most women approaching the menopause age. Some women will cope better than others, and not everyone will experience the same symptoms. As a rule, symptoms persist through all the stages of menopause. Some women though, have been known to experience certain symptoms for their entire lives.

Some of the more common symptoms include: hot flashes, night sweats, memory lapses, disturbing mood swings, upsetting weight gain (sometimes known as hormonal spread!) fatigue, depression and/or anxiety.

You could be troubled by an irregular, rapid heartbeat, and may also experience difficulty getting a good night’s sleep.

The production of oestrogen, the female hormone which promotes bone health, reduces greatly when a woman reaches menopause. The possibly of developing osteoporosis is seriously raised as a result. Contrary to popular belief, osteoporosis need not be an inevitable part of growing older. Bone health should be focussed on from a young age to prevent osteoporosis issues later in life.

Even after beginning of the menopausal phase, steps can still be taken to diminish and prevent loss of bone mass. These steps include regular exercise to help stimulate bone growth and strengthening the muscles to lower the risk of a fall. Especially upright weight bearing activities, weight lifting and balance training are most beneficial in preserving bone mass.

A good diet, low in refined foods, salt, and a limited intake of caffeine, will also be beneficial. Ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients, especially calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin D. If you are a smoker, join a program to assist you to stop smoking.

Treat menopause symptoms naturally.

Many women are disturbed and frightened by the changes taking place in their body and may desperately seek relief from menopause symptoms.

Natural protocols and therapies, with no side effects, offer a healthy alternative to traditional medical drug treatments.

Opting for the natural way will ensure ongoing symptomatic relief and restore your zest for life.

How we can help you.

At Solutions To Health we are specialists in the field of all aspects of women’s health. We offer a protocols of natural treatments to deal with female hormone imbalances that will guide you through the transition to menopause.

Your practitioner will provide compassionate counselling, helping you to cope with menopause and life after menopause! We use Naturopathy, a discipline that uses nutrition and herbal natural supplements, which assist the body to help itself.

Your practitioner will guide you to make beneficial lifestyle and dietary changes to keep cholesterol levels under control, as well as encourage you to work out a regular exercise plan.

At Solutions To Health you will find a road map to better living and optimal health, with a nourished and balanced body which will have a good chance of healing itself in the future.

We breathe life into the fact, that menopause is a natural progression of life, and as such, needs to be treated naturally to provide ongoing optimal health.

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Success Stories: Due to the stress of a relationship break-up and a long back injury, my reproductive system had ground to a holt, so much so, that my body was starting to give symptoms that “seemed” like early menapause, such as hot flushes and bloating, eventhough I had not reached 40yrs. Read More the full Success Story : Glad I found her
M.R. Stanmore NSW

I am a Sydney based Naturopath and I am passionate about women’s health and Natural Fertility Treatment.
I specialise in reproductive health, optimizing fertility, preconception care, miscarriage prevention and managing menopause. I offer solutions for hormonal imbalance, Polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. I use both conventional and complimentary health care models to diagnose and treat health issues. I provide very effective treatment, using evidence based natural medicine and guide and support my patients to achieve better health.

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