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PCOS Story

PCOS Story alt

After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome my doctor informed me that if I was not pregnant within six months time she would need to refer me to an IVF specialist. This was very scary to hear just before turning 27 and besides advising me to follow a low GI diet she gave me no other suggestions!

After much research into what PCOS is and the most effective treatment methods I came across Dorota’s name and sought an appointment. I knew from the beginning I wanted to solve this naturally as I had been on and off the contraceptive pill for many years failing to find one that suited my body.

My first consultation with Dorota was so positive, informative and totally filled me with confidence. She pointed out things in my test results that my GP had failed to notice or mention!

Dorota told me that after starting the course of herbs and supplements that I would start to see positive results in up to 12 months time. After only six months I had two menstrual cycles that came right on time and when I was expecting the third I found out I was pregnant!

I now sit here writing this story with under one week to go before our first baby is born! On a more personal note, Dorota did more for me than just assess my health and give me herbs. She also fielded my desperate phone calls when I was in tears over my condition and she supported me every step of the way. Thank you so much. (*)

A.McD, Randwick

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