How we can help you Sleep Better.

At Solutions to Health we spend time identifying your sleep problems, then examine and track your
sleep patterns and symptoms you may be experiencing.

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Sleep Disorders

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Common sleep disorders which keep you from a better quality of sleep.

From time to time, a great many of us have experienced problems getting to sleep and staying asleep. This is perfectly normal and generally of a temporary nature, mainly due to stress or some other outside factor.

An uncomfortable bed and pillows, a big meal eaten late at night, and the type and amounts of liquids, caffeine or alcohol, taken before retiring for the night, will all contribute towards your sleep disorder woes.

Your mood, such as stress, anxiety, sadness or happiness, can also have a negative impact on sleep patterns.
Fortunately it is easy to deal with these common sleep problems, and you will be able to sleep better with some positive lifestyle changes.

More serious sleep disorders which detract from you hopes of better sleep.

Insomnia, is when you are unable to get enough sleep with the result that you wake up not feeling refreshed or rested, leaving you irritable and sleepy all day. It is the most common of all sleep disorders.

You will only be able to sleep better once the underlying reasons for your insomnia are recognised and treated. These may include stress, anxiety, depression, an inability to relax and switch off, or even lifestyle choices and health issues.

Sleep apnea, is a serious and possibly dangerous sleep disorder, causing your breathing to temporarily pause during sleep, due to a blockage of upper airways. These breathing interruptions will wake you up several times a night, without you really knowing why.

Some symptoms are waking up short of breath, chest pains, headaches and nasal congestion. Chronic sleep apnea is often treated with success by use of a device, similar to an oxygen mask, which dispenses continous air while you sleep.

Weight loss, if it is necessary, in the area around the throat and chest, will also help you to sleep better.

Restless legs syndrome causes unpleasant tingling or aching sensations triggered when at rest, sitting or lying down, manifesting mainly at night.

During sleep the legs jerk or cramp, making it impossible to relax or continue sleeping. The disturbing sensations will lessen only if you move around, or stretch and massage your legs.

The result is a very disturbed night, as you get in and out of bed, seeking relief from this distressing sleep disorder, so that you may sleep better.

Advice on how to relax your mind and body for better sleep is also provided.

A practioner will recommend natural supplements with no side effects, which aid you to a better sleep experience.

Because a healthy person sleeps well, imperfect health issues which may be negatively influencing sleep patterns, will be pin-pointed and treated.

You will also be encouraged and guided to implement simple lifestyle changes, which improve your general health situation, and assist your endeavour to sleep better.

How we can help you.

At Solutions to Health we spend time identifying your sleep problems, then examine and track your sleep patterns and symptoms you may be experiencing.

From this analysis, we design an appropriate treatment program, which will ultimately enable you to sleep better.

At Solutions To Health, headed by Dorota Wroblewska, a renowned expert in the field of optimal, natural health solutions, we are committed to eliminating the problem of sleepless nights.

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