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Trying to conceive for 12 months

Trying to conceive alt

After trying to conceive for 12 months with no success, I came to visit Dorota through recommendation of a close friend.

I instantly warmed to Dorota feeling like she understood my situation and took immediate steps to help me and my body get on track to having our second baby.

Within 2 visits I discovered I was pregnant and I put this down to the course of supplements and advice Dorota gave me.

I continued to see Dorota throughout my pregnancy and was very happy to try her Partus Prep herbs to assist with my final stages of pregnancy and transition into labor.

My first birth had been long and difficult and I was hoping Dorota’s herbs would help speed up my second labour. And speed it up it.

My contractions started at 9pm and Bowie was born at 1am… It was an incredible experience with steady and consistent contractions. I was completely surprised at how smooth my labour was and again I put it down to Dorota and her Partus- prep herbs. Thank you Dorota for your wisdom and guidance, I am eternally grateful. (*)

C. Morris

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