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  • Bautiful-Skin-200×200

    My skin has been progressively clearing up

    Hi, Since having my baby my skin has broken out so badly, I felt extremely self conscious and down. I’ve seen a dermatologist only to be given a very long course of antibiotics which I refused to put in my body. I decided to see …

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  • Review-Jazz-200×200

    Our Story (Jazz M)

    Our story After a couple of years struggling with fertility and having every test under the sun I decided to explore natural fertility treatments. I got on Google and found a few naturopaths specialising in fertility and PCOS. I had been diagnosed with PCOS after …

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  • Lucas

    My labour was extremely quick

    Hi Dorota, Just thought I would let you know our beautiful son Lucas Anthony Giampietro was born on Tuesday afternoon at 5:33pm. My labour was extremely quick, after my waters broke around 4pm I got to the hospital just after 5pm, was fully dilated and starting pushing straight …

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  • Anastacia-Themelinas-baby-Naturopath-Sydney-200×200

    Such an experienced practitioner

    You helped to revitalise my body and prepare me for pregnancy. The results were outstanding, in that I felt and looked great, and was blessed with a beautiful child thanks to your expertise.

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  • Fertility issues

    We had a history of poor quality embryos

    After our 4th unsuccessful IVF cycle we have decided to visit Dorota. 2 cycles were enough to fall pregnant and have a beautiful baby girl in June.

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  • C. Morris

    Trying to conceive for 12 months

    After trying to conceive for 12 months with no success, I came to visit Dorota through recommendation of a close friend.I instantly warmed to Dorota feeling like she understood my situation and took immediate steps to help me and my body get on track to having our second baby.

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  • RobynSing-2

    We needed fertility treatments in order to conceive

    I went to see Dorota when I found out we needed fertility treatments in order to conceive. The thought of IVF can be extremely overwhelming but with Dorota’s help both my husband and I felt empowered, healthy and well supported all the way through my treatment and beyond.

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