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Women's Health:

Information on medications and devices specific to women
Information on transvaginal mesh
Information on birth control
Article regarding antidepressants and birth defects
Information on drug danger

Exercise and Meditation:

Yoga directory
The Happiness Institute
Vipassana Meditation Centre


Whole Food Cooking
101 Cookbooks 
The World’s Healthiest Foods
Nourished Kitchen
Food Standards
Healthy Recipes
Cooking Classes
Healthy eating for kids
Nutrition & Natural Healing
Nutrition Australia
Sydney Food Connect: Organic food from farmers


Organic Food Home Delivery
Good Living Organics Organic cosmetics and skincare information
Organic baby cotton clothing


Australian Breastfeeding Association of Australia
Calm Birth
Australian Doula College
Birth Net
Birthing Rites
Birthing Sense
Essential Baby
Home Births
Maternity Coalition
Nature’s Child
Eco/Fair Trade toys & general well-being for Baby, Mum & Planet
Drug information
Safe baby


Immunise Australia Program
Vaccine Information Coalition
Australian Vaccination Network

Natural Therapies:

Theta Healing – removing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs – Marcia Thorne
A Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory
Adyar Bookshop – alternative & spiritual books

Industry Associations:

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
NHAA (National Herbalists Association of Australia)

Stress and Depression:

Beyond Blue
The Black Dog Institute

Environment and Healthy Living:

Everyday Exposures
True Food
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
Safer Solutions
The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics
Endocrine Disruption
Environmental hazards

I am a Sydney based Naturopath and I am passionate about women’s health and Natural Fertility Treatment.
I specialise in reproductive health, optimizing fertility, preconception care, miscarriage prevention and managing menopause. I offer solutions for hormonal imbalance, Polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. I use both conventional and complimentary health care models to diagnose and treat health issues. I provide very effective treatment, using evidence based natural medicine and guide and support my patients to achieve better health.

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